Why Ph.D. from LNMIIT ?

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Why Ph.D. from LNMIIT ?

  • 100-acres of lush green campus with world-class academic, sports and health care infrastructure.
  • Collaborations with IITs, NITs, IISc, & academic and research Institutes in USA, UK, Russia, Singapore, France, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Taiwan.
  • Good research atmosphere with highly qualified and energetic faculty members backed up by excellent infrastructural facilities.
  • Financial assistance to the meritorious students in the form of research and teaching assistantship as per Institute norms.
  • Focus on emerging research areas in Engineering, Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Major research projects in operation funded by various government agencies.
  • Faculty with Ph.D. degree & Post-Doctoral research exposure from various IITs & other institutions of national & international repute. Distinguished & Research Professors add even further value.
  • Significant financial support for students and faculty members to attend various schools, workshops and to present research papers in reputed & refereed conferences.
  • Ranked 3rd best in Research & innovation among Private Universities in March 2018 Survey by Careers360.
  • Objective to prepare motivated researchers, who can pursue their careers in R&D organizations, Industries and Academia.
  • Seven specialized centres of research & one centre for enabling Entrepreneurship/Incubation.
  • Fully residential campus with state of the art computational, library and sports facilities
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) facility of seven nodes with 140-core, Nvidia Supercomputer with Deep Learning / AI framework support, GPU Server, Computing Server, NAS Server.
  • Medical benefits and insurance as per Institute norms.

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Present and Past Projects funded by different organizations:

Principal Investigator (LNMIIT) Funding Amount Project Title Funding Agency and Duration of the Project
Somnath Biswas Rs 1356000 Development of high hydrostatic pressure metal foams for hydrogen storage DST, GoI 2013-2016
Anupam Singh Rs 1200000 Non-Equilibrium dynamics of quantum fields in cosmology with applications to dark energy and inflation SERB, DST-GoI 2014-2017
Akhlaq Husain Rs 1100000 Least square non-conforming h-p Spectral Element Methods for three dimensional elliptic problems on non-linear smooth domains using parallel computers DST, GoI 2013-2016
Ranjan Gangopadhyay Rs 10296000 Mobile Broadband Service Support Over Cognitive Radio Networks ITRA, DeitY, GoI 2013-2018
Narendra Kumar Rs 800000 Tracing the Faultliness of Ethnic Conflict in the Postcolonial Indian Subcontinent: Narrative as a Socio-Political Discourse ICSSR, GoI 2014-2016
Kamal Kishore Khatri Rs 500000 Development of Green Campus in The LNMIIT under the "Development of Solar Cities" programme of MNRE MNRE, GoI 2014-2017
Somnath Biswas Rs 958000 Detection Of Bio-molecular interactions with TMR based sensing using magnetic nanotags UGC-DAE 2014-2017
Subhayan Biswas Rs 1100000 Development Of Solar Cells Utilizing Quantum Dot Sensitized Titanium Oxide Nanotube CSIR, GoI 2014-2017
Dheerendra Mishra Rs 1507809 Design and Analytics of Content Distribution Framework for Digital Rights Management System Based on Cryptographic Primitives SERB, DST-GoI 2016-2019
Ganesh Datt Sharma Rs 12500000 Development of New Small Molecules and Device Architectures for Highly Efficient and Reliable Organic Solar Cells DST, GoI 2017-2020
Ganesh Datt Sharma Rs 2182400 Novel Wide Bandgap Copolymers Featuring Excellent Comprehensive Characteristics Towards Practical Application for Organic Solar Cells DST-RFBR (Indo-Russia Joint Project) 2018-2020
Abhishek Sharma Rs 4288161 Sign Language to Regional Language Converter (SLRC) DST-SEED 2018-2021
Ashok Garai Rs 2665203 Elasticity of Telomeric DNA and the Effect of Human TRF1 Protein Binding SERB, DST-GoI 2018-2021
Ganesh Datt Sharma Rs 4920520 Development of efficient polymer solar cells based on conjugated polymers and non fullerence small molecules acceptors with low energy loss DST (BRICS) (India, Russai, China) 2018-2021
Ganesh Datt Sharma Rs 1400000 Low cost flexible organic solar cells based on non-fullerene acceptors as renewable energy conversion. DST, GITA (Indo-Taiwan) 2018-2021
Somnath Biswas Rs 3215520 Evaluation of Electro-Chemical and Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Novel Anode-Supported SOFC Membrane Electrolyte Assembly Structure for Intermediate Temperature Applications SERB, DST-GoI 2018-2021
Vikas Gupta Rs FIST (Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Education Institutes) DST-FIST 2018-2023
5800000 and Higher Education Institutes) 2023
Somnath Biswas Rs 1480000 Magneto-transport Studies of ZnO Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Fabricated by Ion Implantation UGC-DAE 2019-2022
Nikhil Sharma Rs 3517096 Energy Efficient RF/VLC Networks for IoT Applications SERB, DST-GoI 2019-2022
Joyeeta Singha Rs 2383686 Multimodal user interface for assisting elderly people in indoor environment DST-SEED 2019-2022
Manish Dev Shrimali Rs 1087200 nformation Processing with Chaotic Neural Networks DST, GoI 2009-2012
Manish Dev Shrimali Rs 441000 Synchronization of neuronal networks depending on input signals DST, GoI 2011-2013
Arti Kashyap Rs 1410000 Computational nano-engineering of nanostructures DST, GoI 2009-2013
Deepak Rajendra Unune Rs 4227520 Fabrication and finishing of micro-channels for micro-heat exchangers and micro-reactors SERB, DST-GoI 2017-2020

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